The Year That Was | April 2016 to March 2017



I don’t know what happened, but thanks to the heavens above I actually felt like writing today. I have been trying to get myself to write ever since April last year, but never succeeded. In fact life has tried to manifest this concept in my life so much over the last one year – “Everything will happen in its time.” You cannot budge the hands of time to work according to your convenience.

So much has happened in my life since last year. Let’s begin where I last left –

April 2016:

I was busy preparing for my MBA final year exams and in the meanwhile also applying for jobs. I get an interview call.

May 2016:

May begins with the good news that I have successfully cleared the interview and will be expected to join as soon as exams are done.

June and July 2016:

Getting used to being an adult who has a full time job. Also coming in terms with the fact that I have to wake up in the morning.

31st July, 2016:

It’s J. K. Rowling’s birthday. But this day has a very different significance in my life (yes, I remember dates, bite me). This was the day I told my parents about the boy.

August, September, October 2016:

Wedding date gets fixed. House renovation + wedding prep begins. Mayhem. It’s a miracle I didn’t go mad.

November 2016:

We get engaged. It dawns on me that I have just one month in my own house. Emotional roller coaster begins.

December 2016:

We get married. I move into his place. I get home-sick, a lot.

January 2017:

Still home-sick. Join back work. My granny passed away, complete devastation. Even more home-sick.

February 2017:

Slowly beginning to adjust to the new environment. Miss home. Miss granny.

March 2017:

Bangalore trip. Miss home. Miss granny. Even more emotional turmoil. I have recoiled into my shell. Coming to terms that this is life now. Rough patch at work.


And now here I am, on this second day of April, 2017 and these are things I have realized:-

  • Life is sometimes your best friend and also your strictest teacher.
  • Learn to appreciate what you have in life, you never know when circumstances will change.
  • Spend time with your loved ones, you don’t want to have regrets after they’ve gone.
  • Being an adult is hard work.
  • Writing is difficult, when its not in your own room, on your own computer.
  • You don’t always get what you want, and you have to  learn to make peace with that.
  • But that doesn’t mean you have to stop dreaming.
  • I miss home.
  • I will never stop missing my granny.


Yours truly – Living, stumbling and learning.



Box8 Food Delivery: Review

Box8food delivery_review

Do you know that feeling when you are craving some take away but there aren’t many options available?

That is exactly how I feel most of the time. Sadly, the part of the city I live in, doesn’t have many options for fun food that deliver to the doorstep. Just the week before last I was pondering over the lack of takeaway options. Funny how the universe works, the next day we had pamphlet at our doorstep introducing a on-demand food delivery company called Box8.

We decided to give it a try. We ended up ordering twice in a span of 15 days. There are both positives and negatives about my experience with Box8 that I would like to share here. I’ll break it down to the 2 times that we ordered.


1st Order:-

There are 3 ways of ordering off Box8:

  • Through their app
  • On their website
  • By calling their call center number

Usually their offers are valid only on app or website orders. The pamphlet that had reached us had an offer for the first time orderer. I decided to order using the app.

Easily found on Play Store, their app is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. And has been well designed  as regards the placement of menu items, etc. But it is really slow! To start up the app the first time after downloading, it took a really long time, which was a little annoying. After it finally started up, the sign up process was easy wherein just entered my contact details. The app is definitely user friendly and clean and therefore ordering isn’t a hassle.

We placed the first order during Lent and hence only tried the vegetarian menu then. We ordered the Kadhai Paneer Curry, Bombay Special Snadwich, Tandoori Paneer Wrap and a Spicy Paneer Meal. The curry wasn’t bad. The wrap, tasty. the sandwich, not so much. The bread tasted a little weird to me. The meal box was nice, the rice was well cooked and tasty.

Even during paying for this meal via net banking the app was really slow.


2nd Order:-

The next time we ordered was post-Lent. This time we tried the Chicken Mughlai Curry, the Shahi Paneer Biryani and the same Paneer curry as last time. Again the rice didn’t disappoint. They use the long grain Basmati rice which really enhances the flavor. Funny thing was both the gravies tasted exactly the same, in spite one being vegetarian and the other non-vegetarian.

The 2nd time we ordered I decided to use the app again, but the I had a problem with the payment wherein the amount got debited but the order didn’t get placed. I then placed the order via phone. Before I could even write them and the payment gateway an email about the incident, I received a mail from them saying that they noticed what happened and that the amount would be credited back into my account. So kudos to that!


In conclusion:

  • They deliver super fast!
  • The food is good enough
  • The app is slow and could use some improvements there

Have you’ll tried Box8? What were your experiences? Share your views with us in the comments below!

Until next time, xo