ColorNote App Review


app review


I love to-do lists. They are easy to make, provide just the right amount of information without confusing the brain and aren’t in the least bit over-whelming. They are the perfect tool to skim, scan and pick just the most vital priorities your brain keeps reminding you of all day long!

Initially I used to use actual pen and paper to write down these to-do lists. But then these little bits and pieces of paper are notorious to get lost around the house or your bag. Which makes keeping track of your tasks very frustrating.

This is where technology comes to my rescue! If you own a smart-phone you know that there is an app (application) for every thing nowadays. And I happened to come across the perfect one for my to-do list love.

ColorNote is a note taking app which lets you create text notes and checklists too. Great for when your brain suddenly just wants to write and no paper is in sight, but your phone always is. *sigh*


This is what the icon looks like :



The home screen when you open the app :



The app has a built in calendar which is very convenient.



You can sort the notes according to different criteria.



To create a note you have to click the “+” symbol on the top right corner and it presents you with these choices :



This is what a checklist looks like. You can keep adding as many tasks as you wish.



And enjoy the satisfaction of crossing them off too, like you would on a paper to-do list!



The app lets you choose the color of each note, which I absolutely love! Who doesn’t enjoy color-coded organizing?! Another feature I like is that when you have to exit in middle of noting something down you can without worrying about it getting saved. The minute you click (touch) the back key, the app auto-saves the data you just entered. Another handy feature is of locking each individual note. You can set a master key which is the key to unlock every locked note.

I have been using this app for a few months now and I am very happy with the experience. The app size is a mere 3.08 MB which is hardly anything, so plus points for the size. Overall, it is an easy to use and useful app that will help you keep track of your tasks.


Do you guys make to-do lists? What medium do you’ll use? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, xo


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