D.I.Y. – How To Clean White Headphones/ Phone Cords


Yesterday laziness attacked me and clearly I lost. I’m working on it though. Today, on the other hand was productive and satisfying. On my way home in the bus I had the urge to listen to music. But unfortunately, I didn’t have either my headphones or my iPod with me. And I realized that I haven’t used my iPod in years! The biggest reason being those white headphones have gone dirty and they look so shabby!

Do you’ll face this problem too?

I found the solution! So without further ado, lets get those white headphones/ phone cords cleaned!

Step 1: The things you will need.

Things You'll need


Step 2: Spray a little bit of the surface cleaner onto the cloth.

Step 3: Place the cord/headphones onto a flat surface. With gentle but firm strokes, start rubbing the cord. Be careful not to pull the headphone/cord too hard, they might break!

Step 4: Re-spray the cloth as needed. And clean the entire length of the cord.



clean headphones


clean headphones 2


clean headphones 3


clean headphones 4


The difference is remarkable!

Go try it out yourselves.

Until next time, xo



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