How To Achieve Your New Year Goals? (Or Any Goals For That Matter)

We are almost half way through the first month of the year already! Wow.

Perhaps a safe enough juncture to examine how those new year resolutions/goals are going?

Keeping up with new year goals or any other goals has never been easy. Initially when you set those goals you are super excited. You tell yourself that this time it won’t be like to countless previous times when you gave up so easily. You really want it this time. The need, the raw will power is what will drive you this time. You can feel the energy and positivity pulsing in your veins!

15 days in or even a month in, does that energy still pulse frantically? Or has is slowed down? Or worse still, completely died?

Achieve Goals

Now, I am no expert here who devoutly accomplishes all the goals she sets. Far from it. Oh so far.

Want proof? Have a look at this. (Now excuse me while I go and die of embarrassment.)

So you see I am just another human. Making mistakes, loads of them, but deep within still hoping to change. To be better with every passing day.

And I have had a divine intervention.

Having been through numerous goals/resolutions, which I could barely keep, finding a way to solve that issue is so satisfying to my OCD’d brain. So this is what I found out.

I like challenges. Umm, okay. How is that supposed to help us out?

I’ll answer that with a personal experience. Back in December 2014 I took up the 100 Happy Days challenge. Initially I was skeptical of being able to achieve that target. But then I was desperate to prove, not to anyone, else but myself that I can for once achieve something I promised to accomplish. And so to make things less daunting, I didn’t think of it as “OMG! 100 days is so long!” rather I just thought of the day in hand. I turned into my very own “challenge of the day”. When you break down your larger goals into smaller, more achievable ones life becomes so much more simpler. To make them more interesting to do, treat these smaller goals like challenges. Think of it like the time when you were a kid. Back then, jumping down from the bed or scaling the jungle gym was equivalent to scaling Mt. Everest. You were scared but your brave, untainted heart took it as a challenge and did it anyways. Do you remember the immense joy that brought you?

It is the same with accomplishing goals as an adult. Don’t fret about the ultimate goal, instead think what you can do today to get you closer to that goal.

This TEDx Talk I came across of Reggie Rivers reiterates the above theory.



This is how I plan to keep up and accomplish my goals for this year. And I would strongly encourage you to join me and give this method a try.

Let me know in the comments below what goals you plan to accomplish this year!

Until next time, xo

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