The Year That Was & The Year That Will Be

The year that was:-
Dear 2015,
You were a year of challenges. Of changes. Of successes & failures. But most importantly of lessons.
I had made many promises to myself for you in 2014. Many I broke, a few I followed.
What I wish to take away from you is not the guilt of unfulfilled promises, but the happiness of fulfilling those few and the lessons I learnt. I don’t want to blame anyone or anything or even myself for any of the failures. It’s life. Shit happens.
2015 you were an amazing teacher. Thank you!

Introverted Extrovert
The year that will be:-
Dear 2016,
Neither will I burden you with lofty goals not will I make you suffer with the guilt of old unaccomplished ones. All I hope is to-
– Take one day at a time
– Be more gentle
– Read. Read. And then read some more.

Happy 2016 Folks!



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