December Blues

It’s 29th December 2015. We’re right on the brink of starting a new year. A time when people are happy about the new year, a new start, an opportunity to make things right. December is also the holiday season, another reason to rejoice. But not for me.

December Blues

For reasons I am yet to comprehend, Decembers off late have turned out to be sad and depressing.

Year ends are the time people look back and evaluate. It is also the time they make plans for the new year. I am no different. I love making plans for the new year (whether I follow through can be debated in another post). I like looking back at how the year went by. Its like something that Steve Jobs once said – the fun lies in connecting the dots.

If this whole look-back-smile-plan-for-ahead cycle sounds like something that couldn’t even harm a fly then why oh why is this time of the year always to hard for me? OR. Is it just me that is making it hard for myself?

Come to think of it, yes, maybe it is me after all. For instance, right now. My life is perfect apart from a few things I am stressed about. Mind you, these few things aren’t life threatening, my brain just likes loves amplifying things.

  • I have people I can talk to.
  • I have a gazillion books on my to-read list.
  • I have a gazillion x 2 recipes I want to try.
  • I have people whom I love and am thankful for.

But NO!

My sweet (not!) brain decides to overlook all these blessings and instead wants to focus create sad scenarios out of thin air. Seriously brain, I am fed up of your shit. Why can’t you learn to focus on all the good that took place during 2015? Why do have to –

  • Make up scenarios that don’t exist?
  • While time away and then cry about lack of time?
  • Hurt the people you love the most?

Do any of you go through something like this? Or is it just me?

Suggestions are highly welcomed!

PS, I am officially starting to hate Decembers.


Until next time, xo


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