I Don’t Need Your Validation & Other Lies I Tell Myself

Dear Heart,

There are so many lies you tell me, every single day. I don’t know why you do it.

Maybe its the temporary satisfaction you derive. Maybe its that little consolation you get when the world bogs you down.

See? I know why you do it, and yet I listen to you.

Like the times you tell me –


“I don’t need anyone’s validation to live my life my way.” 

Oh honey, you are so wrong. If it were true, why do you behave like some people are the center of your universe? Why ask them “Do you like me?” Why ask them “Will you leave me and go?”

Sweetheart where is all that confidence you had as a five year old? Where is that sense of belonging you had about yourself? Why do you look at yourself like you don’t know who you are anymore?


“I feel stuck. I have lost all interest. Everything is pointless.”

No, its not. You know that deep down. If it were pointless you wouldn’t wake up every morning with the silent prayer that the day has something exciting in store.

And no you haven’t lost interest. Honestly, you are just plain lazy. Also, you procrastinate a lot.

There is no question of being stuck, so don’t even go there. You are young and full of life, go live.


“I don’t need to put on weight just because people call me skinny.”

No of course you don’t. But you do need to keep yourself healthy. Don’t put on weight because someone wants you to, do it because you care for your body. Do it because you love yourself. Do it because you have great plans for the future and your body will be your biggest support then.


“I’ll start next week.”

Sweetheart, we both know that won’t happen. What is wrong with starting now? Are you going to unbalance the forces of the universe by starting now? WHY? Don’t wait for ideal situations, they never come. Take every minute you have and make it count.


I hope you realize what you’re doing to yourself. I hope you stop lying to me.


Until next time,


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