Monday Rants


Today had to be the most boring day ever.

I don’t know what exactly I was expecting, it being a Monday.

Just saying that I was bored would be an understatement. Have you ever felt so bored, when you don’t even care if you don’t talk to anyone whole day. In fact you’re try to find ways and means not to talk to people. You’ve experienced something like this, no?


Okay then maybe its just me.

So yes, I was that bored.

And now that got me thinking…everything, every person, every event of your life has a ‘honeymoon phase’.

You know it right? That phase where every tiny detail is talked about and you can’t seem to shut up about how perfect everything is. In a nutshell, its the time period wherein we all look at things through rose-tinted glasses.

But what happens when this ‘honeymoon phase’ ends?

The things/people/events that you wouldn’t stop talking about they seem to loose their luster. We tend to get bored.

It’s not necessary that these people/things stop occupying an important place in your life.

I’m making sense, aren’t I?

What do you do though, once you’re in this post-honeymoon phase?

You try. You work. You do everything thing you possibly can.

One thing you DON’T do is: Give Up.

Because once you let your thoughts wander in that direction, trust me its going to be the most difficult journey of your life.

So whether its a thing, an activity/event or for that matter even a relationship, never give up. You have to learn to have a little bit of blind trust, however scary it may sound.

You decided to get into in it, i’m assuming, backed with a very strong emotion/determination. Don’t loose sight of that initial bit of excitement.

There may come times when that moment of excitement may be overshadowed with doubt/boredom, its okay.

Inhale. Exhale. Don’t give up.


Chronic Perseverance's photo.


Until next time,




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