I’ll never forget that phone call…


What can you possibly do when you see the boy who has your heart, lying on a hospital bed in pain?


Its true when they say that life is cruel in the way she punches you square in the chest when you least expect it.

I’ll never forget that phone call. If its possible for a heart to stop beating for a second, then I’m sure mine did.

“He met with an accident.”

These aren’t words you expect to hear on a seemingly perfect day, or any day for that matter. Not when just a couple of hours ago he wished you “Good Morning.”

Not when there is nothing you can do in that moment. Not when you don’t have anyone you can talk to.


After the helplessness comes the urge to pause everything around me so that I can make sense of what is happening.

Momentarily, I wish I were dreaming and expect to wake up in my bed with a start. Then I see the herd of people ascending the steps, signaling the end of lunch break.

That’s when it hits me, that this is no dream but reality. I’m stuck in office and I can’t possibly get out.

I try to calm myself down that its just a matter of few hours and then I’ll see him for myself.

A few hours, that will seem like an eternity. An eternity, painfully filled with not knowing and the added benefit of a brain that won’t stop over-thinking.


After the eternity comes the restlessness. Something that lasts till the moment I don’t see him, till the moment I don’t hear his voice.

If there is anything that could kill me right now, it would be the ‘not knowing’.


Then comes the moment when I walk into that hospital room, see him on the bed clearly in pain.

I do everything I possibly can not to burst into tears.


Life, you’re bitch sometimes.



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