My Experience taking up a Mobile Daytox (Detox)



Detox for a day = Daytox.

Get it? Huh? Huh?


So last night I happened to turn of my mobile internet really early (For me).

And it got me thinking about my 21 before 22 list. One of my ‘goals’ is to unplug for a day, every month.

It’s been 4 months since I published that list and not once have done the unplug thing.

Then last night i wondered, why not start now?! (I’m a freaking genius, sometimes)

There began my daytox, simply put, NO TOUCHING MY PHONE FOR THE ENTIRE DAY!


The morning wasn’t any weird, because i’m not that person who checks their phone the minute their eyes open. I like to laze around a bit (Read: Come to terms with the fact that i’m no Sleeping Beauty and HAVE no choice but to wake up). Once i’m done being irritated and going through my morning routine, only then do i even look at the phone.

A little later in the morning i realized i needed to call my friend. I was in two minds, but the matter being quite serious (College assignment stuff – No messing around there) i decided to give her a call.

I swear after that i didn’t touch my phone. I was tempted to, so many times! But my will-power won today. Whoo hoo!


The Pros:

  • I wrote my diary last night (After a month!)
  • I got an assignment done (one that I’ve been putting off for really long)
  • Spent even more time with the family
  • I get to cross off an item on my 21 before 22 list!


The Cons:

  • Not knowing what is happening to/with my friends

But when i think about it, the not knowing is okay. It’s a much needed break.

And isn’t that what detox’s are all about anyway?


Its officially the end of the day as i hit publish. Now i’m wondering whether i should touch my phone or extend this ‘Daytox’ until tomorrow morning.

Oh, we’ll see.


Until next time,



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