A friend turned foe

The Blue Orb


Eons ago, on a little blue orb in a far away galaxy called the “Milky Way” lived a thriving species known commonly as humans.

The little blue orb was the life giving friend the humans had. She was a generous soul, selflessly giving all she had. Her body was made of lush fertile soil. It had the ability to give life. Tiny shoots of green nurtured themselves in this soil & provide the humans with food.

Water occupied three fourth of the orb’s space and hence it was called the ‘blue’ orb. In her deep mysterious blues the orb nurtured an entire little world.

Extending further down, beneath her surface, she held unique treasures that made the human lives simpler.

She was the perfect little orb and many a years passed in harmonious living.


Until one day, she started falling ill. It had all begun a few years ago, when the humans had started achieving great milestones in industry & technology. Alas, in their wake left the blue orb in a state of turmoil.

It began with the merciless chopping off of her lush green locks, then came the unstoppable digging. Everyday her temperatures rose, she trembled in agony.

She had given them everything they had asked for and even more. All the receiving had made them greedy; they didn’t know how to give back.

The day soon arrived when she couldn’t take it any longer. Her blood boiled with the betrayal and came gushing out the mountains. It obliterated everything in its path. It wiped off every single greed-filled human.

She was a friend, a life-giving friend but they had turned her into a foe, a monster.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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