Snowflakes & Battles

When you have a long vacation from college (where nail art isn’t allowed) what do you do?

You paint, my child, you paint.

And paint I did!

Brought out my nail art paraphernalia, got comfortable and began.

Oh and goodness me, I had forgotten the copious amounts of patience this required.

Two hours later, when I was finally satisfied with the way it turned out, I realized something.

I didn’t do the dishes after lunch. (Yeah, I can be super-dumb sometimes.)

With freshly painted nails, that is something you wouldn’t want to do. Neither could I leave the dishes, because moms.

I had no option but to gear up for battle.

My left palm safely inside a plastic bag secured by a rubber band and my weapon (scrubber) held firmly in the right. Mountain of Vessels, here I come!

The battle was tough and the rubber band was a silent killer. It was stopping the blood supply and my hand started going numb.

But I moved forward and well, mission accomplished!

All for this…

Snowflake Nail Art

Snowflake Nail Art




















PS, Christmas is coming! 🙂

Until next time,



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