21 Before 22

Today I’m officially 21.









So, I’ve tried these kinds of lists before, in the form of New Year Resolutions. Wouldn’t say they ended well.

But that’s the best part about being human, you never give up hope. So here I put forth my list of 21 goals I hope to accomplish before my next birthday.

In no particular order:


1. Reach goal weight

I’ve been an underweight person all these years, time to take my health seriously. So basically, put on some damn weight. Well of course in a healthy manner.


2. Establish & follow a fitness routine

Goes hand in hand with #1


3. Read a book a month

I would love to increase that number, but I’ll be realistic.


4. Complete at least 3 online courses


5. Watch at least 6 Oscar Winning movies

Out of the 87 i have watched just 4. I intend to increase that count this year.

(Oh and while we are on movies…I haven’t watched “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” yet, because *ahem* someone was supposed to watch it with me. I rest my case.)


6. Wear red lipstick

What? I just find that color really fascinating. I’m guilty of trying it on just at home, so what I really want to do is wear it out.


7. Blog more often

Ha. I was thinking of making that twice a week, but I thought I’ll take tiny steps.


8. Be a better friend

A.k.a. plan more outing with the girls.


9. Make a go-to playlist

Because there will be days when you just need that.


10. Listen to music more often

Stop cribbing about how I don’t have time to listen to music anymore and just put on those headphones.


11. Write diary more often

It’s the best form of therapy.


12. Unplug for a day every month

I believe everyone should do this more often. But then, how could we live with the horror of not knowing who pinged us on Whatsapp!


13. Be less critical of myself


14. Sit alone and daydream


15. Cook & Bake more


16. Knit that blanket already

I have been knitting this blanket for my nephew even before he was born & guess what? He’ll turn 2 this December. *hides face & dies of mortal shame*


17. Get passport


18. Spend less time being pointless on the internet

A.k.a. get off Pinterest.


19. Complete the #100HappyDays Project

Click here to know more.


20. Make this Life’s mantra













21. Oh & enjoy being 21!


Until next time,




7 thoughts on “21 Before 22

  1. Are these your new year resolutions? If yes then just perfect for you. Try to complete and achieve each one of those 21 points in the upcoming year. Just loved it….thank u for sharing.

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