“If you like someone else, please tell me you’ll let me know.”

His words hit her ears like sharp pieces of broken ice. It felt as if they had percolated and started piercing her heart.

He was saying something, but her head refused to concentrate.

Yes there were many new people entering her life. And many more were yet to come.

She was but human; finding someone else interesting was bound to happen. Even he agreed to that. In fact he insisted that she go out, talk to people. This was the age to meet people, flirt, and enjoy life.

He understood. He had been through this phase of life. He didn’t want her to miss out on any of the experiences.

She agreed with him about the fact that she deserved to enjoy this phase of her life. And she was doing exactly that, in her own way.

What hurt her; shocked her was his obvious lack of realisation that she liked him.

Not the guys she met. Not the guys she found interesting. No the guys she shared a few interests with.


She had chosen him.



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