Why A Girl Needs Her Best Friend

We all have that one person, our person. The one, who by just existing makes your life complete.

No, I’m not talking about a romantic soul mate (although they can be that person too).

This person is the most important soul mate in a girl’s life – her best friend. Every girl needs this person in her life.


They understand the twisted ways of your brain

Brains can be scary sometimes. When you’re trying hard to figure out this scary part of you, a best friend is the best bet. They will never ever judge you for the kind of thoughts that come into your head.



They give you the truth

A best friend will always want the best for you, genuinely. So if it’s for your good, they don’t hesitate to serve you the truth even when it’s bitter.

images (2)


One look and they know

You might act all happy but deep inside you are hurting. This best friend of yours, they’re going to notice it, pronto.

images (1)


Pep talk: Hail the expert

Need a little something to bring you out of your self-imposed misery? Talk to them.



They’re still here.

Best or worst they’ve seen every version of you. The awesome part?  They’re still here and they ain’t going anywhere.



Certain advice, you can only get it from them

Because lets face it, no one is going to understand the hormone-crazed nitty gritty of your brain.



They complete you and your…




Until next time,



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