A Perfect Blend

“Morning” he whispered into her ear. His delicate breath made her skin tingle with excitement.

His strong arms entwined around her body, shielded her from every harm. His warmth made her feel safe. It felt like home.

Maneuvering through his arms, she managed to turn towards him.

There he lay peacefully, unaware of her increasing heartbeat. Just the sight of him gave her giant butterflies.

Rays from the rising sun streamed in through the gap in the curtains. They highlighted the brown in his messy mane.

He had amazingly long eyelashes. In sleep they lay against his cheek slightly curled up.

Looking at him lying right next to her, engulfed her heart with a warmth so surreal, words couldn’t do it justice. She moved in closer and lay her head on his chest.

The steady beating of his heart put all her fears to rest and sleep arrived silently to lull her into a world of dreamy goodness. Just as she was on the brink of losing herself in sleep she was aware of the happiness she felt when she was with him.

He was her Serotonin.



She lay her head on his chest and within minutes she was peacefully asleep. He gently stroked her long wavy hair and smiled to himself.

This wonderful girl that lay in arms never ceased to amaze him.

The emotions he felt when with her were alien to him. But he knew it was something special because it always left him feeling good.

He thought back to the time she had walked into his life. She was like fire and ice.

The warmth of a fire on a cold winter evening and the coolness of ice on a hot summer’s day.

Looking back there was no moment he could pinpoint that marked the beginning of his feelings for her. All he knew was that she the one he wanted to share everything with. He knew he didn’t have to pretend to be someone he was not when he was with her.

He knew she liked him with all his flaws and he liked her with all of hers.

A cold breeze came in through the open window and she shivered. He pulled her towards him and gently kissed her. He knew he was getting addicted to her, but he knew this addiction was the good kind. She was the high he couldn’t get enough of.

She was his Dopamine.




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