Food. ’nuff said.

I love food.

People who know me in person, might disagree looking at my petite frame. To them I’ll say – Never judge a book by its cover.

Who doesn’t enjoy devouring amazingly cooked food? But what interests me more is the process of creating it.

I don’t quite remember when or how exactly my interest for baking/cooking started. It’s been there as far as I remember and it only grows stronger.

My browser is filled with recipe pages I’ve bookmarked in hopes of trying them out soon. But alas, when you have exams looming over your head, CONSTANTLY, you are banned from entering the kitchen by your Mother. (Of course the ban has a few exceptions like- when you have to do the dishes or help chop the vegetables. Hmmp!)

I’ll share a few of the recipes that have been sitting right there on top corner of my browser, making puppy eyes and pleading – “Please try me!” Those deliciously evil things. Sigh.

1. Baked Apple Chips

Apple season is almost coming to an end and i still haven’t tried this out!!

2. Tandoori Prawns

As soon as lent’s done.

3. Homemade Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

That recipe seems like a piece of cake! Who knew it would be that easy?!

4. Nutella Rolls

Nutella. Know who doesn’t want anything that has Nutella in it?

5. Falafel

Always wanted to try out these.

Damn! This is making me hungry.

Until next time,



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