10 Signs You’re Graduating Soon

1. For the first time the future actually seems scary

The future has always been there, but it used to be a thing that happened in the future. It wasn’t looming on your head like the Sword of Damocles.



2. Big questions to answer

Work or study? If work, where? If study, what? Welcome to life, where answers to such questions could alter the route of your life. Yes, your entire life.



3. Those fancy plans you had, umm not so fancy anymore

Remember the moment you got into college and you thought to yourself, I’ve got this totally settled. Study hard, graduate, get a post grad degree, and find an epic job. Well, how is that going so far?



4. Avoiding the “what next” question becomes the aim of your life

The moment you spot your predator (read: the countless aunties and uncles, majority of whom you barely know) armed with the deadly “What Next?” weapon, this is what you do.



5. Self-doubt, you’re rolling in that s**t

You may have done wonderful things in your life, which you should so proud of! But no, it’s not that easy. Everyday you wake up, it goes like this.



6. Bursting into tears, seems the better option

Because, duhh. You know you’re a mature human being who should know how to handle these turbulent times, like freaking Mary Poppins. It’s just that, sitting down with a box of tissues and an arsenal of junk food seems so much more inviting.



7. Catching up with friends turns into emotional pre-goodbyes

You’d be discussing something random and then all of a sudden someone goes, “Ohhh man! I gonna miss this so bad!” It ain’t pretty after that.



8. Life turns into a depressing movie

Everyday, every little thing to be done is like an ordeal. You feel like the whole world is conspiring against you. You are the innocent victim of life’s wrath.



9. Homework and submissions still continue

You’re literally in a quarter-life crisis here and yet your professor doesn’t understand. You have no clue what you would be doing 3 months down the line and all he cares about is the 20 page report on that topic that doesn’t even make sense.



10. You hope against hope

In spite of all the negativity, hope never dies.



Congratulations! You’re graduating.

Until next time,



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