A Letter to Men

A Letter To Men

Dear Men,


This letter is not written with any intention to demean or chide you. These are just a few things our gender (I take the liberty here to speak on behalf of my gender) would like you to know.


Don’t be afraid to show us your sensitive side.

Don’t deny it. We all have a sensitive side, its nothing to be ashamed of. All we want is for you to express your feelings. It won’t in any way make you less manly. Consider us worthy to guard your deepest emotions. We may not always be capable to provide a solution, but we’re always there to hear you out.


Treat us as equals.

Don’t treat us as if our gender is the weaker one. We understand it’s a way to show your protectiveness. We absolutely love the pampering, but don’t overdo it. We’re strong individuals with our own views and opinions, learn to respect that.


Don’t be intimidated by our tears.

We know you get uncomfortable once our tears start flowing; its okay, normal even. Heck there are even some of us who don’t know to handle someone crying. All we ask from you is to understand that sometimes (mostly?) our tears are just our mechanism of venting out, of letting go of the pent up frustration. You are not expected to say soothing words, although that may help; just hold us and be there.


We’re over-thinkers. Deal with it.

Over-thinking is a trait imbibed so deep in us that trust us when we say; a little vacation from our brain would be just perfect! That being said we still love, yes absolutely love dissecting every detail in our heads. We may at times even let you have a glimpse into the madness that goes on. Then don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Small gestures, we love those.

Unexpected hugs from behind, the reminders that we’re on your mind, recalling something we mentioned long back, stolen kisses; they make us go weak in the knees. At the end of the day, diamonds and fancy gifts don’t really matter. It’s these small gestures that give us priceless memories for the rest of our lives.


We can get a little insecure; your assurance is all we need.

This insecurity may sadly sprout from our over-thinking. We sincerely apologise for the drama we put you through. Your unwavering reassurance is what we need.


Yours sincerely,



PS, M thank you for your inputs. 😉


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