Skin Woes

Skincare, well I’m probably the worst person to talk on that topic. I’ve been and still am a victim of my unruly hormones.

Dealing with acne is never easy. As if you aren’t already bogged down dealing with zits that appear faster than they disappear; you also have to put up with the questions and unsolicited advice, from just about everyone.


“Yes, I am trying out every remedy in the book.

No, I don’t know why they don’t work.

Yes, it hurts.

No, I’m not going to wash my face with urine.”


Sigh, you read that right. That is hands down the weirdest advice I’ve ever heard. Apparently, it does exist and Google calls it ‘Urine Therapy’. You can definitely count me out of that.

I don’t have a particular skincare routine as such. Just the normal face-washing twice a day, moisturisers that don’t let my skin break out and lots of water.

Believe me when I say, there is no standard rule to get rid of acne. Everyone’s built differently and hence their acne must be treated keeping in mind various factors. Nevertheless, one universal ingredient in acne treatment would be water.

Back when I was a teenager and had just started breaking out, drinking lots of water was the first suggestions I had got. Naïve me never understood the significant role water could play. Now that I know, I make it a conscious effort to increase my H2O intake. But like all things in life, water too should be consumed in moderation or one could risk water intoxication. Yes, that is a thing.


PS, this post is a part of the #2014BloggerChallenge. Visit the host Gaby’s page to read the lovely articles written by equally lovely ladies.


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