New Year’s Inspiration

Happy 2014 everyone!

New Year, new beginnings, new resolutions…the newness that surrounds this time of the year has this nasty way of creeping up on you. Not that starting afresh is a bad thing, but let’s get real for a second – how consistent are we really, when it comes to resolutions? *guilty face*

Resolutions, if you give it a thought aren’t that bad after all. They act as motivators, if you may.

Picture this. You’ve had the most bizarre year of your life so far. It was a roller coaster so draining it would put the world’s top ranked roller coaster inversions to shame. The recognizable happiness, sadness, love, hatred, acceptance, rejection; and then there are emotions you have no words to describe. This nauseating experience zaps every last drop of energy you have. And just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, wrong. Oh boy, how wrong you are! This goes on for 365, yes 365(!) days of your life. It’s like the people at the roller coaster control room just announced, “The stop button seems to have stopped functioning and it might take 365 days (or longer!) to get back to normal. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused.” *NEWSFLASH* its hell, being played, on loop.

Then New Year comes knocking and you greet it all groggy eyed and with a bad case of the ‘roller coaster hangover’. (Okay, I’m trying to figure out what’s with me and roller coasters?!) So New Year’s standing at your door all decked up in its finest suit and on the other side of that door are you; dishevelled appearance, foggy brain, peace deprived and running low on your ‘hope & faith’ supply. The sight of the New Year creates the tiniest flicker of hope in you and the seed of the once remote idea that everything will be fine gets rooted somewhere deep inside.

The search of the inspiration to pull on with all of life’s never ending drama thus begins. Endless days are spent in this search, which seems futile. But that heart beating inside of you, yes that very emotional fool doesn’t let the tiny flicker of hope die just yet. It pushes you forward, encourages you, and doesn’t let you give up.

One fine day you find it: Inspiration. It’s not some path breaking discovery you make. In fact those words are ones you’ve heard countless times; from elders, well wishers and good old trusty books. But alas, it takes a Pinterest picture to remind you of it. Welcome to our digital age.

Wow, I’ve never rambled so much around here. To be honest, it feels great to vent out! So without much further ado I sign off, leaving you with my ‘Pinterest-found-Inspiration’.


Again, wishing everyone a Happy and Thankful 2014!!

Until next time,



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