Today’s Blogtember prompt is: a memory you would love to relive.




Some moments remain so vividly embedded in our minds. You may not always remember the nitty-gritty details but if you close your eyes and think about that moment it’s like you’re reliving it. You leave behind the world. The same emotions flood your body and you are transported back to that exact moment in time. That feeling of being transported back in time is so surreal you have to pinch yourself back to reality.

Choosing one single transported-back-in-time moment from my life was proving to be a tough job so I thought I might as well put up a few.


I would relive…

The bedtime stories with granny

The fun-filled childhood afternoons with mom

The moment I knew I was going to be an elder sister

The moment I held my little brother in my lap for the very first time

The giggles with my childhood besties

The moment I held my nephew in my arms

The moments from school, these will never come back

The innumerable family moments

The unforgettable college trips

That moment lying on the beach, looking up at the stars


And countless such tiny moments that make up life.

No matter what, there are always those memories that don’t cease to put a smile on your face. Hold on to those and don’t forget to create new ones, for they remind you that the “happiness” we keep looking for lies in these very moments.


Until next time,








4 thoughts on “Moments

  1. You and me, both! I couldn’t choose just one, either. 🙂 Just keep on remembering, and make sure you write down EVERYthing so you have a journal to relive these memories whenever you want!

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