Life Lessons

Advice is a gift. A gift from someone who cares about you, a well wisher and a person who has experienced much more than you have. Advice also comes from life. Life, the best teacher you’ll ever have.

Every incident, however insignificant comes with a lesson to be learnt.

Lesson 1:

This can’t be stressed enough. Remember only after night comes day.


Lesson 2:

Accept the fact that everything in life, isn’t going to be custom made for you. Learning to adjust is the biggest benefit you’ll give yourself. Optimum utilization of the available resources is what makes things a whole lot simpler.

And sometimes, you just have to go with the flow.


Lesson 3:

Man is social animal. People form an integral part of one’s life. We are creatures with advanced levels of emotional connectivity and thus form strong emotional bonds with a few of the people we come across.

But there are times when…


…and we have to accept this and move on, for nothing lasts forever.

Lesson 4:

Trying to control every aspect of life is impossible and in my opinion, foolish. You can’t turn on the ‘control-freak’ mode just whenever it may please you. It will only increase your stress levels and ruin your peace of mind.

Sometimes you have to just…


Lesson 5:

Troubles, obstacles, disappointments are all you seem to encounter on the turns of life. Everything that you do seems like another mistake. You’re disheartened and are on the verge of losing hope. Hold on! Take a deep breath and don’t let that flicker of hope die, for if there are downs there will be ups. And in time, everything that is meant to be will happen. Patience is the key.


Lesson 6:

Lastly, trusting yourself is what matters the most. Think positive thoughts and never ever underestimate the power within you.

Don’t forget…


…because self-motivation is the best motivation.

Until next time,


PS, This is an entry for Blogtember Day 3.
Prompt – Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered. 


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