Who am I?

Who am I?

Now that is a question I don’t have a complete answer to, yet. Discovering yourself, I believe is a never ending journey.

The person you are at this very moment might be a combination of influences- maybe from the people you live with, people you’ve come across, the place you live in, the places you’ve been to, situations that shaped you and innumerable such moments. Some of these may be vivid memories, some you wouldn’t even remember.

For me it is my family that plays a pivotal role in making me who I am.

Two amazing grandmothers, who taught priceless lessons of faith and independence.

Parents who have always trusted and encouraged me. These are the people who taught me the lesson of never giving up on my dreams.

My little siblings taught me patience and the joy of sharing.

Friends, without whom I doubt I would survive this long. The people whom I can tell my heart’s desires.

And finally, books. Those little packages of joy, imagination, sorrow, suspense and knowledge all rolled into one. Books, the most important ingredient without which I would be incomplete.


Until next time,




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