Blogtember’s Here!

I haven’t posted in over three months! I could give the excuse ‘I was busy.’ But whom am I kidding?

Yes, I have been busy; but I would tag not blogging as ‘I was too lazy.’ So in order to make up for lost time (read time lost wasted lazing around) I have decided to dust off the cobwebs and have some fun!

Say hello to, Blogtember!

Blogtember is a month long blogging challenge hosted by the lovely Jenni from Story of my life. Blogging challenge… and me?! Well yes, in the beginning I was reluctant too. It’s the very first time I’m doing a challenge like this. But then I thought, what’s the harm in trying?!

And what I like the most about this challenge is that Jenni has generously given weekends off!! *grin*

Blogtember begins today! So I hope September is fun and I also hope I am able to complete my first ever blogging challenge. *fingers crossed*

Until next time,



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