I know, I know !

No excuse, whatsoever, won’t justify my long absence from blogging. Now don’t get me wrong here, I really enjoy blogging (or should I say, used to?).

The last two months of 2012 were pretty hectic, with college and then Christmas came along (Ah, the baking!).

2013, I had vowed, would be the year I would dedicate some more time towards blogging. But alas! all the interest I had seemed to have, just vanished.

This seems to be some sort of Writer’s Block I can’t seem to overcome! And it really irritates me. The problem isn’t that, I have nothing to write about because my life has become plain boring. On the contrary, the start of 2013 has been amazing!

I know I’m not a very regular blogger. Even if I don’t blog daily or for that matter even once a week, I used to write almost every day.

I just seem to have lost interest to write about anything at all. It took all week to convince myself to even write this post. I hope this phase passes away soon, cause I’m hating it.

Until next time,
(Hopefully soon)


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