Unconditional Love

Now, I’m not here to talk about my love life, rather about one of the loves of my life. Bruno.

Yes, he is a dog. And yes, it might sound stupid to a few. I believe, you won’t understand this unless you have a pet in your family.

The memory of that day, roughly three years ago, is still fresh. All he was then was a little ball of fur. And then time did what it always does, flies.

Amidst all his training and growing phases, my school, then college and life in general, I never realised how close I grew towards him. I never thought I would.

I use to hate dogs. They use to scare the hell out of me. (Still wonder why?) But then he came along and changed everything.

There came a time when we had to send him away. It was heartbreaking, for both, him and us. He stopped eating and fell sick. I silently cried my eyes out that day.

He was promptly brought back and his health improved.

He was always the mischievous types. He did a disappearing act and showed up three days later with a smug look on his face, happily ignorant to the fact that we went crazy looking for him.

You could not stay mad at him for a long time. And I totally blame his big brown eyes for that. He was the one who taught me  what unconditional love was all about. Given that he didn’t stay at my place technically but at my cousin’s, I met him only a few times a week. There were times, like during exams, when I didn’t see him for days on end. And yet when I showed up after such long-absence-spells he was always there, wagging his tail, nineteen to the dozen.

It didn’t matter that I had ignored him for so long. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t present every single day in his life. All that mattered was that moment. And I loved him for that.

It’s been almost a month now since he has gone missing. And I fervently hope that one day he will show up again like he did the last time. Until then all I pray for is, wherever he is, he be happy
and safe.


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