Real Or Virtual

The camera is one of the most beautiful inventions made. At least I feel so. If it weren’t for them, we never would have been able to capture the beautiful moments of everyday life. And it these captured moments that makes us smile even years later, whatsoever the situation.

With the advent of new technology, digital photography is now possible. But don’t you feel that the joy of seeing a photo in its physical form beats seeing a photo on your computer screen, any day?

Personally, I prefer photos in their physical form. It convinces me that yes, this was real. In times when we exist in two parallel worlds: Virtual and Real, photos in print sure help us stay in touch with the Real world. They act like an anchor that keeps us tied down to reality.

Ditto goes for books. They joy of holding a book in your hands and reading is so much more compared to reading an online version.


What would you opt for? Real or Virtual?


Until next time,





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