The Overthinking Paradox

Earlier this year I had the chance to get my handwriting analysed. No doubt, I grabbed the opportunity. I have a thing for this analysing stuff. Isn’t it amazing how they can tell you so much about your personality merely by taking a look at your handwriting?!

Well going back to the topic in hand, I was eager to hear my results. The analyst told things about me that was quite true. She mentioned something, which at that time I thought was so-not-true. But when I look back and think about it, annoyingly, it is true.
Overthinking. That’s what she said I do. And boy, wasn’t she is damn right! Should I consider it a boon or a curse? I have no clue! Come to think of it, overthinking, sometimes can be a boon. (But again you can say I am trying to placate myself.) Like when it comes to taking really crucial decisions of life. Organised freak that I am, I go absolute bonkers and delve into finding the perfect solution. Nobody has said it to my face, but I kinda know, they must think i am a little freak; to be thinking so much about every damn thing. But when it comes to decisions feel are going to alter my life, I don’t give a damn. No kidding there.

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Proud that i am to be a little overthinking freak, sometimes I wish I didn’t think so much! True story. It’s like an inbuilt habit now. So of course that means I overthink even the most trivial things. Seriously, its irritating at such times. It really messes up my brain and I tend to loose focus. I am trying hard not to overthink minute things. Really. I just hope I don’t overthink about overthinking now. That would so complete the picture!

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