Writing & Me

Words. As long as I remember, they have fascinated me. Be it the words from nursery rhymes back in toddler days, to the words in my favourite Enid Blyton’s from those lazy summer days. They never failed to enthral me with the captivating stories they weaved. So it’s no surprise that I have loved, love and will love reading always.

When I was young, I used to think that people who didn’t enjoy reading were crazy, for they were missing out on so much. No doubt, someone out there will be thinking along the same lines, about me, crazy to be surrounded by books all the while. Well, to each his own.

From the childhood staple, Enid Blyton’s I moved on to the magical world of Harry Potter and then slowly and gradually it lead to various classics and since then there’s no turning back.

All this while, somewhere deep down I secretly wished that someday, I would be able to put down my thoughts in words like these great authors. When I came across ‘Anne Frank: The Dairy of a Young Girl’ it inspired me so much that I began maintaining diary like Anne.

I have to admit it’s not something I particularly enjoyed. With the passage of time I discovered the concept of blogging. It got me interested and I started reading many of them. I liked the way we didn’t have to put up with all those grammar rules. I took a liking to the conversational style of writing; it had this easy go flow about it.
Blogging, I thought would be something I would like to try.

This is pretty much my story about the first time I thought I might like to write.

Until next time,


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