College, Decisions, Learning & Fun

The last two weeks have been rather exciting. College has finally reopened, which means regular lectures. But surprisingly I am enjoying them. Yes, really. At least I am occupied, believe me its better than sitting at home. (3 months!!)

Lectures are fun these days. They are not your typical “Teacher-enters-blabbers-leaves” kinds. It’s more interactive, loaded with group discussions; more practical based rather than boring theory based. The attendance scenario hasn’t changed much from last year, but meeting the few new people who actually attend is fun.

A year ago when I had applied to this college, not all my family was happy with my decision. But after a year of experiencing all of it, I’ll say it is one of the best decisions I have taken so far. The kind of exposure this college has offered, I doubt I would have found it anywhere else. Given that I aspire to complete my MBA from a good institute, the exposure it has offered and will offer is invaluable.

The various groups and departments that organise many enriching events, the highly qualified faculty coupled with their approachable attitude is what I enjoy the most. The faculty not only encourages us to volunteer for the many co-curricular activities but also lets us manage the running and functioning of these activities ourselves. Its an amazing opportunity to put to test our management skills.

I decided I need to actually be a part of all the fun this year. So I signed up as a coordinator for The Department of Business Practices. I’ll say, I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

I hope to share more about my experiences as coordinator. So stay tuned.

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