On the Prowl

                         Animal prints are fun. Want a funky twist in your outfit? Add a splash of animal print!

See how these animal print pumps bring a whole new perspective to this plain jeans + t-shirt combo?



If you are not very comfortable in sporting animal print clothing, albeit love the trend; you can incorporate it through accessories. Hair bands, clutches, footwear, the options are endless.


Another fun way of incorporating this trend is an animal print nail art!!

It’s super easy (once you get the knack of it) and super fun too. If you Google search D.I.Y Animal Print Nail Art you are offered numerous options to choose from.


I have wanted to do an animal print nail art for a long time and finally I have!

Here it is.

It’s sort of a leopard print. Thoughts?

Do let me know your thoughts on the animal print trend in the comments below.


Image courtesy: 1. photobucket.com
                           2. mydressyways.com

Until next time,




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