Creativity is not a faucet !


 When I started this blog a year ago, I thought it would be easy to squeeze out some decent writing out of my brain. I guess I was wrong! A year has passed and all I have published are three posts (including this one).


There are times when I really sit down in front of the computer, open up a word document and think – ‘Come on now! Life is like a tapestry with intricate details, there must be some detail of that tapestry that I can write about.’ Alas! Even after numerous such attempts I never have managed to come up with even a coherent sentence.


Gradually I realised that writing doesn’t mean that you have to literally sit at a table and try and jot down something and expect it to be a masterpiece! Writing requires a source from which you derive inspiration, which sets the clockworks of your brain turning, compels you to think, really think. It doesn’t necessarily have to be some inspirational book that you read or a motivational song. Even the pettiest events in life make you ponder. Personally, I find my imagination running wild when I’m sitting all by myself. It doesn’t have to be a quiet place; it could be a crowded bus ride, a stroll in a busy marketplace or my personal favourite, listening to music.


It is in such moments that your brain manages to think and ponder over things without any barricades. It opens up possibilities you never thought existed. Agreed that the very first piece of writing you do isn’t going to be masterpiece (unless you have a flair with words and manage to construct an amazing tale that enthrals your readers). But as you proceed and write about what you truly are passionate about, it’s bound to improve.


PS, I came up with this piece while humming along to a few favourite songs.


Until next time,



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