A New Beginning

With starlit dreams in my eyes I ventured out of my protective shell into the big wide world of college. Being convent educated for 14 years…the change was a HUGE one! And thus began a journey. Well the 1st month was not entirely boring, taking into consideration all the “1st time experiences” of college life 😉

The 1st day wasn’t much of an affair (dunno why many brag about it). Just the usual; finding the classroom, looking out for a seat where you’re not the centre of attention and neither are you completely hidden 😛  Entering a jam packed class kinda makes you nervous so reaching before time was the best option. Loads of new faces and the excitement in the air makes you dizzy. The awkward situation of sitting idle till the teacher arrives suddenly makes your cell phone all the more interesting…hehe 😀

Lectures…well what can I say about them?! Same old…Same old 😛  Making new friends took some time but it eventually happened and they are the best and equally crazy people I could have ever found! I hope to make the next two years of my college life as memorable as possible with these wonderful people.

    College is not about competing with the world around you it’s about competing with your own self. It is an opportunity to re-discover you. It’s the time to make your dreams come true. It’s the time to make spur of the moment decisions, get up one morning and go for an unplanned road trip, fall in love. Neither nobody’s perfect nor can their decisions be, it’s the time to make some wrong decisions. There is a saying “Don’t regret what once made you smile.” College is the time you should let your heart lead you, lets face it you can’t sit and study 24*7!!



P.S., This being my 1st blog post- a new beginning in my life, I thought nothing would be more apt than writing about my experiences in this whole new crazy world called COLLEGE.



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